Wordsearch:  Can YOU solve the puzzle?

We love word searches, especially trickier ones where a word could be found backwards, diagonally, or running from bottom to top.  Discover Education has a lovely puzzlemaker where you can make your own wordsearch puzzles of various sizes.  We made one below, which will make its debut on Friday, November 29th, as one of the Crowded Kingdom activities in Tastebuds Kitchen’s Thanksgiving Holiday’s Iron Chef Camp!  As part of this fun-filled 2-day cooking camp for children ages 9-11, we’ll be featuring readings from The Crowded Kingdom, especially from some of the more thrilling and mysterious passages featuring the words below!

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 8.58.11 AMFind the following words in this puzzle:
  1. “Watch out!” Jinny suddenly screamed, pulling Jada aside.  A gigantic sneaker landed where Jada had been sitting.
  2. “Ah,” the sewer elf Rumpelstiltskin said, “Why don’t you…” and then uttering something that a New Yorker would say, not an elf.
  3. “We need to find the ones who know the magic to undo this, and how to get there.”  And he pointed down many blocks where the stone lions of the Public Library lay magestically at guard.
  4. “Make haste; those who wish ill may know of girls by now!” warned Aress, starting back up the stairs.  Indeed, as they had been talking, a sylph had slowly unwound itself from the muraled ceiling where it had been hiding.
  5. “Are they all friends?” Jada asked, as an odd assortment of wart frogs, salamanders, and pixies stumbled by from a night of revelry.
  6. The gremlin popped his head up by the glass to stick its tongue out, grinning from ear to ear beneath electric-yellow eyes.
  7. “Is it going to rain?” asked Jinny.  “Nay,” replied Aress.  “It is our swift and noble –“  And they were all snatched up immediately by the gigantic talons of a magnificent red-tailed hawk.
  8. “Welcome to my summer palace,” crooned the woman’s voice with delight, as the girls’ eyes adjusted and saw that they had entered a large, plain room covered everywhere with milky-white veil.  “I am Rosettia, the Fairy Queen.”
  9. “The earth is reborn.  Witches and spirits revel as gods.  On Walpurgis Night, magic powers unite!”  “On Walpurgis Night, magic powers unite!” echoed the land creatures.  “On Walpurgis Night, magic powers unite!” hissed the slime and the fog that had crept up before.
  10. “Did you think,” she asked slowly, “I was going to kill you?” Zzzt, zzzt, she zapped from her finger.  They could smell and see the red-hot glow of molten metal.  “In fact,” Minacrist continued while the soldering sparks flew, “it is just as dangerous for me to have you here as it is for you to be here.”



The Crowded Kingdom will be at Tastebuds Kitchen’s Thanksgiving Holiday Cooking Camp!