A Tiny Fairy Kingdom and the Two Girls Who Discover It…

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What happens when two little girls shrink to the size of dandelions and CrowdedKingdom_newcvrdiscover a fairy kingdom in the middle of New York City?

What if you woke up in Central Park as someone so tiny that you discover a fairy kingdom in New York City? The Crowded Kingdom is the story of two unsuspecting sisters, Jada and Jinny, who find themselves shrunk to the size of dandelions and discover a world of fairies, elves, and other small folk in the underbelly of New York City. Along with several elf friends and a rebellious purple fairy, the girls embark on a journey to find out how to return to their normal size – and get caught up in a magical war instead!

Will the curious girls ever find a way back to their family, or will they be forever trapped in this wondrous world?

“Highly Recommended…”

“Nicely illustrated with occasional full-color images, The Crowded Kingdom is a deftly written and thoroughly entertaining modern fairytale adventure that will fire the imagination of young readers and hold their full attention from beginning to end. The Crowded Kingdom is very highly recommended for school and community library fantasy collections.”

– Midwest Book Review

Jinny finds a wand
Click the picture to watch Jinny find a wand!

“San Juan created an incredible world in The Crowded Kingdom, one that is not so far removed from our own, but that we fail to realize is there. I recommend this book to anyone looking to experience a different kind of magic and fun, whether in New York City or in
general.”    — Readerly Musings, ReaderlyMusings.com

Click Here To Buy It Now and enter Code 

LA5YGPZF to get 25% off the listed price!



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Half Pint Citizens, 41 Washington St  Brooklyn, NY 11201, 718 875-4007

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