The Elemental Battle

The Elemental Battle

The final volume in the exciting Crowded Kingdom series!


Jinny tried to remember what summer had been like.

After a summer of gloom and silence, Jinny discovers that their magical friends had not left — they simply had been hiding to make plans for war. 


Jada had nearly forgotten fairies existed.

Jada had thought she had imagined fairies in a dream. But she discovers that the world of The Crowded Kingdom needs her and her sister to join them once again.


Minacrist needed to find answers.

Minacrist is lost in limbo. She must find her way back home, but first, she must find the real answers behind the evil lurking in The Crowded Kingdom.

Now There’s a Battle to End the Fight!

Jada, Jinny, and Sam join old friends, and make alliances with new ones, as the Light and Dark forces gather for battle. Can they prevent an all-out war from taking place in New York City on Halloween Night? Or will they have to join fight…until the destructive end?

About The Crowded Kingdom

The Crowded Kingdom is the children’s fantasy series of two unsuspecting sisters, Jada and Jinny, who find themselves shrunk to the size of dandelions and discover a world of fairies, elves, and other small folk in the underbelly of New York City.

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