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Imagine that you and your sister wake up as tiny as dandelions and find there are elves and fairies living in New York City.

That is what happens in The Crowded Kingdom, where sisters Jada and Jinny find that someone or something has shrunk them to just a few inches tall!

“Watch out!”
(Chapter 2)
The book on which Jinny was sitting started to tip, and both Jinny and the book fell off the shelf. (Chapter 3)

In their quest to return to their normal size, the girls make a few important discoveries.

They learn of the crowded magical kingdom within New York City.

“I never realized pansy faces really were…faces…”
(Chapter 3)

They learn that elves and children are very much like.

And they were all snatched up immediately by the gigantic talons of a magnificent red-tailed hawk. (Chapter 6)

And they also learn that a rebel purple fairy, with a passion for science and a penchant for power tools, could also be their friend.

“THANK you, oh, thank you all!”(Chapter 8)

But Jada and Jinny also learn that the magical world has declared war on mankind, and that something more sinister than the old fairy rivalries…has awakened.

The Crowded Kingdom is a children’s fantasy for ages eight through eighty, and is the first in a series of books featuring the girl heroines, Jada and Jinny.


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