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What Started As a Game became a creativity and content bonus.

I’ve always wanted to animate my ideas – how many of you have dreamed of making their own cartoon, making a flip book by stapling pieces of paper together, putting tiny cartoons in the corner, watching a chick hatch or a stick figure do a dance?

Wouldn’t it have been great to do it as a kid then?  Wouldn’t it be great to do it as a kid now?

Well, there are tools out there, free or reasonable, to do just that.  I discovered Animation Desk for the iPad to make the simple animations below as either MOV files or animated GIFs.

Jinny Finds a Wand

Jinny finds a wand

Jinny finds a wand

Flight of the Swan


What I love is how simply and easily these were done…to the point where my little nine-year-old did one herself. It was too big a file to convert to an animated GIF, so it became her first YouTube movie.

The Mad Cat


NOTE:  she and I agreed that we needed a finer-point stylus for more delicate lines, but that it was going to be one of our favorite creative “toys” from now on.

There are so many ways we can express ourselves, and the moving image is yet another way.  Since I now treat my iPad like an uber notepad, adding this ability to take and make notes into moving moments seems like a natural evolution.

Give it a try, or leave your comments on what other tools you have found to create animations quickly and easily.  For iPad owners, I found this handy link (http://appadvice.com/appguides/show/animation-apps-for-ipad) but I am sure there are others to reference for your smart device.

Stay tuned for an enhanced and animated version of The Crowded Kingdom and its sequels 🙂


The Crowded Kingdom is a children’s fantasy for ages eight through eighty, and is the first in a series of books featuring the girl heroines, Jada and Jinny.

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Crowded Kingdom preview

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