"It's true, isn't it, what I heard," whined the fairy.  
His teeth were sharp spikes, and his breath, 
when he spoke, 
smelled like rotting meat.  
"I took a great chance to come out 
in the daylight, to see the girl child 
who held the Beinagrind's key."

Jinny_bubble copyIt’s been a year since Jada and Jinny had been mysteriously hexed into tiny versions of themselves, encountering the fairies and elves that populated New York City and fighting the dark forces that threatened to upset the balance of the world.

Now Jada is older and more studious, while Jinny has found a new mischievous friend, but they find that the fairy world still needs them.  When a mysterious river man appears with a special key, Jinny, Jada, and their neighbor, Sam, are pulled into a race against time.  A sickness has struck the kingdom, turning good fairies into evil, and the children must join forces with Minacrist and their elfin friends to find the source of the Black Power…before the Black Power destroys them.

“New friends and foes make The Underground Labyrinth an exciting sequel with even more of the fun illustrations that readers loved in book one.”

— Sammy the Bookworm, sammythebookworm.com


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